la tv della memoria

Since 2014, we have been producing MemoMi - The Memory of Milan, a web TV dedicated to the history and cultural heritage of the city. Promoted by Associazione Chiamale Storie and with the support of Fondazione Pasquinelli, this is a project with a strong educational value.
More than 450 documentaries can be freely viewed on the platform, which are also often shown in schools. Furthermore, over the years, MemoMi has collaborated with institutions and universities, producing not only audiovisual products but also events and cultural initiatives in its territory.

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3D Produzioni was the first company in Italy to create a web TV entirely dedicated to art and culture: Ultrafragola Channels, born in 2007 and winner of the YAHOO “Web Revelation” award. After this experience, we launched, in association with the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, their web tv, which won the “Cultural Productions - Multimedia Category” special prize at the 2013 Prix Italia, an international competition for radio, television, and the web.